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Math Placement

How Can I Prepare for the Math Placement Exam?

Check out the Testing and Assessment Center's page on test preparation with helpful links.


Which Math Class(es) Should I Take at Edmonds College?

This greatly depends on your course of study. Students working toward a science or engineering degree, for example, generally take a different sequence of math classes than a student working toward a business degree. You should consult with an advisor to determine which math course(s) you need to complete your degree.

Which Math Class Should I Take Next at Edmonds College?

If you've already taken a math course at Edmonds College, you may take any math course for which you have satisfied the prerequisite. For example, if you have passed Math 97 with a 2.0 or better you can enroll in Math 107, Math 171, Math 140, Math 141 or Math 146. The course you elect to take next depends on your degree program, so (as mentioned above) you should consult an advisor to determine which of the courses that you are eligible to take is most appropriate for you.

If you have not yet taken a math course at Edmonds College, you generally need to take the math placement test to determine the course(s) for which you are eligible.

Possible Paths to Completion

Use the flowchart to determine which courses are best for you based on your placement level and intended program of study.