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Whether you want to improve your job prospects, get your high school diploma, or prepare for college, Pre-College Education classes can help you meet your goals.

Compare High School Completion and GED Programs

Pre-College Programs

Adult High School

Are you an adult who wants to get a high school diploma? You can take classes at Edmonds Community College to obtain a high school diploma recognized by the state of Washington. Some of the classes you take in the Adult High School program might even count toward a college degree!

English Prep

Gain confidence and prepare for college-level classes! Improve your reading, writing, and study skills. Learn the secrets and strategies of the most successful college students. Find out more about English Prep!

Career, College, and Life Success/Counseling Psychology

Choosing a major? Changing careers or exploring a new one? New to college? Have test anxiety? Take a CCLS class and create a plan for your next steps for career, college and life success!


Are you a young student who wants to finish high school and get a college degree? EdCAP provides young adults (16-21) with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college environment. Students have the option to explore classes that will give them a jump start towards one of our many professional technical programs.

GED® preparation

Do you want to take the GED® test but aren't sure if you're ready? Take a GED® preparation class and get the knowledge and skills to test with confidence.


Get a head start in the I-BEST program, which combines an academic support class with practical application of learning in career classes. Get started learning skills for a new career with higher wages. Take classes in Computers, Electronics and Networks, Allied Health, and Medical Office Terminology.

High School+

If you are over 18 years old and want to complete your high school diploma, this affordable program may be for you. This $25 per quarter program applies credit for work and life experience towards a degree.

Pursuit Program

Do you have a hidden disability? In the postsecondary chapter that is filled with many unknowns, the Pursuit program is on a mission to bring college and workplace readiness and we want you to join us!  If you are 16-21 or older, and are looking for experience on a college campus, access to resources and a team of people to support you to pursue your dreams, we are here for you. In partnership with Washington’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Pursuit’s Workplace Readiness course seeks to help students to discover their strengths in order to find meaningful employment and reach their educational goals.