Financial Aid Services

Application Deadlines

You must submit the FAFSA and complete your file as early as possible every academic year. The FAFSA is available beginning Oct. 1 each year. Financial aid funds are limited. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to receive all the aid you are eligible for. To complete your file, turn in all required documents, forms, and information, and complete all processes. Check the "Date Received" column in the Portal to see if your file is complete.


June 1
Summer quarter (Beginning of academic year)

August 1 (Extended from the original deadline -July 16)
Fall quarter

Nov. 15
Winter quarter

March 1
Spring quarter (End of academic year)


Did you miss the deadline for Financial Aid and want to start next quarter? There may be other funding options for you while you are getting your Financial Aid in place. Go to and select Edmonds Community College to see what you may qualify for and who to contact.


You will need to pay your own tuition and buy your own books or wait until the next quarter to start classes if you complete your file after the deadlines listed above.

EdMail: You are required to use it! It is the way we communicate with you.

The college assigns all students EdMail (email) accounts within a couple of days after they register for their first class. Note: if you are a former student returning after time away from school, check with the Enrollment Services Office to confirm what email address we have on file for you. We use the address recorded in the Enrollment Services records. To gain access to your account, follow the steps at