Online Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What software do I need to access these courses?

In general, you will need a recent version of a Web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, an email program, and a word processing program. Most likely you will also need a spreadsheet program. Some courses may require additional software specific to those courses.

2. What if I don't have any email or Internet experience?

These courses require Internet connections and assume familiarity with basic Internet functions (Web browsing, email, file attachments, etc.). It is also assumed that students will be familiar with basic computer operations. For students wanting to brush up on these skills, BCC and EdCC offer fundamental Internet and computing courses and/or tutorials.

3. How do I get my books?

Books can purchased online through the corresponding college's bookstore:

4. How do I contact my instructor?

The fastest way is via email. Each institution's Web site provides faculty phone and email contact information.

5. What is the minimum GPA to enter the WSU program?

To be admitted as a business major at WSU, students must have a minimum of 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits), the business prerequisites completed, and a GPA of 2.50. Because of specific lower-division requirements for the business degree, it is highly recommended that students complete their AA before transferring.
Note: Students pursuing a BA in Social Sciences must have a minimum GPA of 2.00.

6. Is there a foreign language requirement?

WSU's bachelor's degree in Business Administration has no foreign language requirement. However, students working towards WSU's bachelor's degree in Social Sciences need to have at least two years of the same foreign language at the high school level or one full year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) at the college level.

7. What is the expected length of time to complete the associate's and bachelor's degrees?

Students can complete the AA/AAS degree, going full-time (15 credits/quarter), in approximately 2 years. Students can complete the BA, going full-time (15 credits/semester), in approximately 2 years. However, on the average, students take two courses per quarter/semester.

8. Is this degree accredited?

All three institutions are accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition WSU's business degrees are accredited by the AACSB--The International Association for Management Education. Accreditation bodies require that online courses are as rigorous as their on-campus counterparts. The degree and transcripts you receive from each institution do not distinguish distance classes from on-campus classes.

9. If I am writing a research paper, how can I do a search for information without a library?

Library resources are available online.

WSU has a full time Extended Campus Librarian and a full time staff member to assist students enrolled in any WSU eLearning course with library access.

10. Are internships available?

Yes, each institution offers internship opportunities:

11. If I have credits from another college, can I take the online program and transfer those credits?

Transferring of courses from one institution to another is very common. Please contact an advisor.

12) Can I combine online classes with on-campus classes?

Yes, Y ou can combine online classes with on-campus classes at Bellevue Community College and Edmonds Community College. Courses offered through WSU DDP are only available online. The program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of busy students.

13. Is it possible to take a lab science at a distance?

Yes, the courses required for this degree are all available in eLearning formats.

14. How do I take exams?

Student assessment takes many forms (such as case analysis, discussions, projects, presentations, research, writing and testing). Examinations are one form of assessment, and vary according to the course and instructor. Some courses require proctored exams. In most cases, proctored exams can be arranged at a community location convenient to you, such as a public library or other approved site, as well as at each campus.

15. How do I interact with fellow students online?

Interaction with your instructors and other students in your courses can enrich your total educational experience and is an important consideration when a new course is being designed. In most courses participation is an essential element.

As a general rule you can expect the following guidelines to apply, but be sure to check each course for specific information and instructor's directions: