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Violence Prevention

Together, We can end interpersonal violence

At Edmonds College, Community is our middle name.

We show our support for others.

We help others out.

We work hard to help prevent violence. 

Here are some ways to start preventing violence now

1. Start a conversation

  • Speak to those you know about what kind of relationship experiences you want or do not want.
  • Talk about your non-negotiables and boundaries in a partnership.
  • Ask friends how they would want you to show up for them if they were experiencing interpersonal violence.
  • It may seem small, but having a conversation surrounding what violence can look like in a relationship is one of the most proactive things you can do. 

2. Remember the 5 D's

The 5 Ds

  1. Direct: You ask the victim if they are okay or offer help during the event.
  2. Distract: You distract the offender (i.e. ask someone for directions).
  3. Delegate: You tell a professor, authority figure, etc. you are concerned about someone.
  4. Delay: If the event isn’t severe or an emergency, wait until it is over to approach the victim and offer support, validation, and resources.
  5. Document: Video or write down the events you witness.

3. Attend a Violence Prevention event

Check out our events page for upcoming awareness events and guest speakers. 

4. Join the team

We are always looking for more members of the campus community (especially students!) to guide our prevention efforts. Join our prevention subcommittee to help develop new educational materials. Or consult with us so that we can make our program more effective and student-centered.

Violence Prevention also works with classes, clubs, or passionate individuals looking for experience in service learning, practicum, and internships.

5. Get Proactive 

Contact the Project Coordinator for more information at amanda.greene@edcc.edu.