uLearn and ArtsNow

Potential Instructors

Thank you for your interest in teaching through the uLearn/ArtsNow community education program at Edmonds Community College. The classes and workshops we offer are generally for adults, on a non-credit basis. We strive to meet the interests of our community by offering a variety of quality and innovative courses.

Submit your course proposal:

  1. Complete a Course Proposal Form (Microsoft® Word)
  2. Email your proposal, along with the following materials, to ulearn.artsnow@email.edcc.edu

Your materials will be reviewed to determine if your course proposal(s) will be a good match for uLearn/ArtsNow. You will be notified regarding the status of your proposal, and at that time an interview may be scheduled. You will be asked about your class, your teaching experience, and your teaching methods/style.

Classes offered through uLearn/ArtsNow are noncredit, short term, self-support classes with an emphasis on participatory learning. Courses for special populations are also offered through the Creative Retirement Institute.

We look forward to receiving information on your proposed classes. If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to come to our office for an interview during our planning period.

Send your course proposal by: