Title IX

Policies and Procedures

It is federal law and the policy of Edmonds Community College to provide equal educational opportunity and employment to all students and employees, including enforcing anti-discrimination policies and procedures on and off campus, providing equity in all programs and activities, and preventing and protecting against sexual harassment and violence.

Edmonds Community College Non-discrimination and Harassment Policy (Title IX)

For immediate assistance, contact any of the following:


Dennis Curran, Title IX Coordinator

425.640.1647 or 425.218.0430 | Clearview 122C



Tricia Lovely, Title IX Deputy Coordinator

425.640.1024 | Clearview 103



Gene Blahato, Title IX Investigator

425.640.1812 or 425.409.8774 | Clearview 110



You may also file a report about any incident of concern by completing the Incident Report Form. The Title IX Coordinator will review the report immediately.