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Title IX

If You See Something, Say Something!

Edmonds College is committed to:

  • Equity in the workplace, classroom, and all college programs and activities.
  • Creating an inclusive environment where each individual has access to an education and is free of a hostile academic and work environment.
  • Immediately responding to all complaints of harassment and discrimination.
  • Steps of prevention to address and stop harassment and discrimination before it happens through training, education, and resources.

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For Inquiries and Reporting: 

Interim Title IX Coordinator - Casey King

425.640.1246 or 425.218.8326 - Clearview 105

Title IX Investigator - Gene Blahato

425.640.1812 or 425.409.8774 - Clearview 122A

Report an Incident Online

You may report an incident online by completing our Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.