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ACCUPLACER Off-site Request

Students taking courses at Edmonds Community College who reside outside the campus area are required to take a placement tests. You can have a proctored either at another college or university testing center, or a library that will proctor an ACCUPLACER tests.

An acceptable proctor is someone with no conflict of interest in upholding Edmonds Community College Academic Integrity Policy. Please be aware that relatives, friends, spouses, neighbors, co-workers, faculty and students are not acceptable proctors. All ACCUPLACER tests must be administered in the presence of an authorized Proctor in a secure testing environment for the duration of the test session.

Proctors are responsible for identifying an appropriate lab, making arrangements to test the students, and setting up the test for each individual student.

Student Off-Site Request                      Proctor Agreement Form

ACCUPLACER Score Request Form

All requests require the signature of the test taker. Requests cannot be submitted by telephone. Verifications cannot be completed by telephone. All scores must be less than 2 years old.

Test Scores Request Form       or         Test Scores Online      

WA GED Score/Transcript Request

Beginning February 1, 2014, all requests for GED Transcripts (scores) and GED Certificates will have to be done by accessing www.ged.com Our Testing and Assessment Services will no longer be able to prepare/request these for you.

Edmonds CC Online/Make-up Form

Occasionally, a student may not be able to take a test at the scheduled class time because of an illness or some other unavoidable conflict.

Test instruction forms are to be completed by faculty and submitted with the exam. The faculty member whose class the test is being given for must provide a hard copy of the test. Testing and Assessment Services will not make a hard copy of the exam if instructors submit the exam in an electronic format.

Proctored - Online/Makeup Test Request Form

( Edmonds CC Instructors only)