Ergonomic Chair Request

Guidelines for Students requesting Ergonomic Chairs

Contact Margo Vincent | MLT 159 | Phone 425.640.1320 | margo.vincent@edcc.edu

  1. Students must complete a request for Ergonomic Chair each quarter in which a chair is needed. You will need to complete a form each quarter, even if you will be having classes in the same classroom as in previous quarters.
  2. You will be given a permit with your name, classroom number, date and time of the class, and chair number that has been assigned to you.
  3. Contact SSD immediately if you change your schedule or drop a class. 

    Do Not Remove Your Chair From the Class Room.

    SSD will make any necessary room changes.

  4. Please respect the needs of others by not using a chair that is not assigned to you.
  5. If there are any problems with the chair or it is not where it should be assigned date and time, contact SSD immediately.

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