Monroe Hall: Materials science Technology Labs

Materials Science Lab

State of the art labs: materials science, composite materials, and engineering design. The labs are equipped with high end technical equipment used in the production of composites, aerospace, and consumer products. Students have built working windmills, race cars, submarines, and guitars in the lab.


  • Rapid Prototyping lab
  • Autoclave
  • CNC Mills and Router
  • Computer design lab
  • Composites Lab

Perfect for: inventors lab | science workshops

  • Do you need to produce a prototype of a product quickly?
  • Are you trying to design a unique item?
  • Are you an inventor?
  • Do you need a low cost solution for a manufacturing need?

Edmonds Community College is pleased to host tours of the labs and demonstrate the capability of the equipment including technologies such as 3D Printing.

Come see the high end technical equipment currently being used in the production of composites for industries such as aerospace, maritime, consumer products and more.

TAZ PrintersRapid Prototyping Lab

Print parts in 3D - using one of three different 3D printing technologies. Printers include TAZ 6, FormLabs, UPrint and more. We also have a Laser cutter in our Rapid Prototype Lab.



Cure advanced composites at high temperature and pressure in order to decrease bubbles and increase strength.

Econoclave 2X4
Interior Size: 2ft. diameter X 4 ft. length
Max Temp: 450F
Max Pressure: 150 psi


CNC Mill

Create parts carved out of blocks of a wide variety of materials and uses a computerized controller to precisely reproduce designs.

3-Axis Mill



Computer Design Lab

Create 3D designs using programs such as Solidworks, Rhino, and Mastercam. These designs can then be realized through machinery like the CNC mill and 3D printers.



Used for processing thermoplastic products. It melts a resin and pushes it through a die to make rods, tubes or films. This one is fitted with a pelletizer to process recycled plastics for use in an injection molder.

Davis Standard KLB-075
Screw Diameter: .75”
Screw Speed: 12-120rpm
Heat Zones: 3 barrel, 1 adapter, 1 die, 5 total

Filament Winder

Filament Winder

Used to lay up composite cylinders using a spinning mandrel on which carbon fiber is wound in a precise pattern to create a cylinder.

McClean Anderson Little Hornet
2 Axis control
Max Diameter: 10”
Max Distance between centers: 40”

Injection Molder-Babyplast

Injection Molder

Used to create small plastic parts; molds for this machine can be designed and then printed on a 3D printer.

Babyplast 221K250-75

Mechanical Test Frame

Mechanical Test Frame

Used to analyze the strengths of materials by breaking them. It can pull samples of material apart or press together items with a force of up to 10 tons while precisely logging the stress and strain on the part.

Instron 5582
100 kN load cell
Max Width: 22”
Max Travel: 50”



Curing Oven

Curing Oven

Used to process advanced composites at high temperatures and ambient pressure.

Interior Dimensions: 40” X 40” X 35”
Max Temp: 450F


Hot Press

Hot Press

Used to cure either flat panel composites, or with tooling compression molded composites.

Accudyne 4 Platen Press
Platen Dimensions: 16” X 16”
Max Platen Gap: 2.75”
Max Temp: 450F
Max Pressure: 2500 psi