ITV Rooms for Edmonds CC and CWU Campus Members

Need an ITV (interactive television) room for your meeting or event?

The Scheduling and Events Management Office is able to assist you in setting up your ITV events. We book the space as well as schedule the technician support for your event. Please allow at least 1 week processing time.

We now have 5 ITV rooms on campus, and as these are shared with CWU, we may not be able to accommodate your request. We will let you know promptly if this is case.

Right now, there are two types of events that we see:

SBCTC ITV Event: These are events that are set-up on the KORRS database by the State Board – subject, dates and times are disseminated by the state board office to a wide range of list-servs. In the event you are notified of a session, and you are interested in participating, please submit a request to us. The State Board does not schedule spaces/tech support at individual colleges. Someone at the college must take “ownership” of the event and follow up with the Scheduling and Events Management office.

We ask that the following process be followed:

Other ITV Events: This is an independent event you wish to participate in or coordinate

We ask that the following process be followed:

As always, sooner is better in scheduling space. Thank you for your interest.