Campus Safety and Security

Safety Tips

Personal Safety Considerations

Personal safety and security are the responsibility of each individual. Anyone seeking to do harm will look for opportunities that make the crime easy to commit. The best means of prevention is to remove or reduce the opportunity.

Protecting Yourself: On Campus

Reporting Crime on Campus

Report all crime to Campus Security even if it was only an attempt. (Call 425.754.0154, use a yellow emergency box, or call x1501.) Crime cannot be controlled and prevented if it is not reported. By reporting crimes and suspicious activities, you can protect yourself and others. Prompt reporting greatly improves the ability of Campus Security to resolve the incident. Call Campus Security if:

Protecting Yourself: Public Transportation

Protecting Yourself: Outdoor Activities

When walking, jogging, biking, roller-blading, or participating in other outdoor activities, observe the following:

If You Are Attacked:

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