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Relationships in Science Education (RISE)

The RiSE Project aims to…

  • Increase the number of STEM students graduating and transferring

  • Increase the diversity among STEM majors, graduates, and transfers

  • Increase the successful progression of students through gateway STEM courses

RiSE Strategies 

Student Support

RiSE advising eventThe RiSE program supports STEM students and help them achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. The RiSE program utilizes advising and mentoring, and it offers events such as workshops, quarterly kick-offs, field trips, and speakers. It provides a STEM study room space for collaborative work, tutoring, and community building. It offers STEMinars and funds attendance to conferences. For those planning to transfer, it also includes advising and workshops specific to transfer issues such as personal statements, financial aid, and credit transfer. At the end of each year student success is recognized through a STEM Awards Ceremony.

Community Outreach

Faculty and staff work hard to build connections with Edmonds School District and the greater community. Outreach efforts include visits to high schools with the STEM Road Show, service learning, the Expanding Your Horizons youth conference, STEM Saturday events, Haunted STEM Lab, and STEM Open House.

Did you catch STEM Saturday 2013? Watch the video below to learn about RISE's community outreach efforts!

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. NSF DUE #1068399 

Curriculum Redesign

RiSE scholars present undergraduate research at conferenceCreation of the “STEM division” helped build inter-departmental relationships and improved branding. Curriculum redesign included mode and content overhauls, and new focus on increasing success in Chemistry and Math “gateway” courses. Undergraduate research opportunities continue to be enhanced and expanded under the RiSE grant and in collaboration with other Edmonds CC campus programs. 

RiSE Successes

RiSE scholars work hard to achieve. In combination with curriculum and pedagogy updates, faculty mentoring, and tutoring, all provided by RiSE, members of the RiSE community show persistence and success across several key categories:

  • RiSE Students have a higher mean grade point average than non-RiSE STEM students

GPA of RiSE vs. Non-RiSE compared over 12 key STEM courses

  • RiSE Students attempt and pass more courses 

We have shown that RiSE students who attempted courses both before and after RiSE show appreciable and highly statistically significant (beyond 10^-8) increases in number of courses attempted. Furthermore, RiSE students who took classes both before and after joining show a 48% increase in the number of passed classes. The increase in median course pass rates is significant beyond the 10^-6 level.

  • RiSE Students persist quarter to quarter

Median RISE student persistence is about 0.21 units greater than Non-RISE student persistence, significant beyond 0.001 for both two-sided and one-sided tests. These data seem to indicate that RISE student persistence may be a function of the student themselves, and that students who are more likely to persist also self-select to join RiSE.

Poster Presentations

"Increasing Community College STEM Student Success & Persistence through Engaged Communities of Support" EB RiSE Poster 2018

"Faculty-Driven, Student-Centered Change for Increased Success of All STEM Students" AACU Transforming STEM RiSE Poster 2017

"Transforming STEM Education at Two-Year Colleges" AAAS NSF RiSE Poster 2016

"Transforming STEM Education at Two-Year Colleges" AACU Transforming STEM RiSE Poster 2015

"Relationships in Science Education" NSF RiSE Poster 2014

If interested in additional statistical results for RiSE contact Deann Leoni at dleoni@edcc.edu or Tom Fleming at tom.fleming@edcc.edu