Planning, Research, and Assessment


Edmonds Community College’s annual, integrated operational planning process has been named the SIMPLE Plan, with SIMPLE standing for: Strategic, Informed, Measurable Process Leading to Effectiveness. The plan is a systematic, cyclical, on-going, assessment of college operations and processes to ensure each division of the college is effectively meeting the needs of the students and advancing the mission of the institution. It is a self-assessment process by which college divisions celebrate and document their accomplishments; formally state their annual goals and associated plans; and articulate perceived changes to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. This is accomplished through internal reflection and scanning of the external environment.

More specifically, the SIMPLE Plan provides college’s divisions with a template of questions to guide meaningful reflection about who they are, where they want to be, and how they are going to get there. The questions are completed over the course of an academic year, and they allow college divisions to answer what they do; how well they do it; and what they believe needs to be changed. The products of this process provide fundamental information for college-wide decision-making and resource allocation. 

While The SIMPLE Plan was approved by the college's Board of Trustee's in June 2010, it is not a new process. Rather, it utilizes annual goal setting procedures that have existed at the college for many years. 

Visit College's internal SIMPLE Plan site for more information.