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Department Information

Please direct general questions and comments about the Math Department to:

David Adams
Department of Mathematics
Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood WA 98036

425.640.1387 |


Melissa Hope
Department of Mathematics
Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Ave. W
Lynnwood WA 98036

425.640.1638 |

Calculator Rental

For information about Calculator Rental contact the STEM Division in ALD 218A or your Math Instructor. The rental form can be downloaded here: Calculator Rental Form

Faculty Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
David Adams Dept. Head ALD 203 425.640.1387
Mary Anderson PT Faculty SQL 301 425.640.1339 x7057
Pat Averbeck FT Faculty ALD 241 425.640.1093
Paulette Botley FT Faculty MUK 204 425.640.1418
Shamar Botley PT Faculty MUK 207 425.640.1413
David Breed PT Faculty MUK 421 425.640.1569
Donald Christopherson PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7021
Richard Davis FT Faculty ALD 263 425.640.1698
Jody Daniel PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7079
John Donnelly PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7015
Jeff Eldridge FT Faculty ALD 271A 425.640.1434
Melissa Hope Dept. Head ALD 272 425.640.1638
Terry Goldstick PT Faculty SQL 301 425.640.1339 x7033
Terry Gosse PT Faculty MLT 107 425.640.1339 x7050
Lourdes Gutierrez PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7066
Kenneth Hovda PT Faculty SNH 126 425.640.1339 x7044
Tiffany Ledford FT Faculty ALD 273 425.640.1778
Deann Leoni FT Faculty ALD 271B 425.640.1184
Kimberly Lothyan PT Faculty   425.640.1426
Nancy Marx PT Faculty MUK 207 425.640.1339 x7065
Charlie Mason PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7059
Gabrielle McIntosh FT Faculty ALD 230 425.640.1584
Wayne Neidhardt FT Faculty ALD 215 425.640.1747
Vinh Nguyen PT Faculty   425.640.1336 x7009
Doug Owen FT Faculty ALD 240 425.640.1799
Maria Pedersen PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7010
Ananya Rabeya PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7070
Jeremiah Roland PT Faculty   425.640.1045
Mahnaz Sadrenassiri PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7069
Mohsen Salari PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7055
Denise Shafer PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7086
Merc Sollid PT Faculty MLT 107 425.640.1339 x7061
Kubrom Teka PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7028
Brenda Tinning PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7023
Jadwiga Weyant FT Faculty ALD 265 425.640.1710
Kyle Zortman PT Faculty   425.640.1339 x7045