Engineering Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What degree do I receive for this training?

  •  Robotics and Electronics Technology Associate of Technical Arts and
  •  Basic Electronics Certificate for the first year of this training.

What type of work might I perform with this training?

See our Career Information page.

When does this training begin?

You can start fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters; however, the best time to start is fall quarter.

Can I get a tour of the labs?

Yes. You just need to contact us to arrange a time and date.

What courses do I take and when?

See our When to Take Your Classes table.

What skills do I need to possess?

  • Write and read in standard English.
  • Use elementary algebra to solve simple equations and problems with positive and negative numbers.

Is there help for paying my training costs?

We have a financial aid available at the college and our Foundation does offer (competitive) scholarships annually.

Who do I talk to for more information on this training program?

Contact us by phone at 425.640.1980 or by email at