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Engineering Technology

Composites, Robotics, Materials Science

Train for advanced manufacturing careers! Engineering Technology is the powerhouse department combining training in composites manufacturing and robotics. Classes introduce students to materials science, composite materials, engineering design, and robotics and electronics technology. Gain experience in hands-on state of the art labs. There are 3D printers, 3D scanners, injection molders and robotic arm, along with equipment to test, construct, design, and build items both large and small. Composites projects have included windmills, a kayak, and a wind tunnel. Capstone projects include fan-powered, radio controlled robotic cars with printed and composite parts.

Tour our Labs or Meet with a Department Advisor:

Call or email to arrange a tour of our labs or meet a department advisor- either for materials science or robotics and electronics. Phone 425.640.1980 or email etec@edcc.edu.

Industries that use composites and robotics include: aerospace, maritime, medical device, and consumer goods manufacturing. Composites are also used in modern wind energy structures. Graduates of these programs are in demand by local employers.

Industry certifications covered within these programs include: Certified Quality Technician (ASQ), Soldering and Inspection (IPC) along with eligibility for three of Boeing's Apprenticeship Programs (upon satisfactory completion of the Composites Certificate).

Employment rates for these programs are between 87 and 90 percent in positions with median wages between $38,000  and $41,000  annually, according to www.careerbridge.wa.gov.

To learn more, watch the video below, click the program links on the right side of this page, or contact the Engineering Technology department at 425.640.1980 or etec@edcc.edu.

Engineering Technology - Materials Science