STEM Education and Careers

STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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Edmonds Community College is providing more opportunities for STEM students. The college has received 19 National Science Foundation grants, and our three latest grants of more than $1.5 million over five years mean more support services and scholarships for students in STEM fields.

The college is working to increase the number of students studying science by reaching out to students who — without support — won’t enter college, won’t study math or science, and won’t complete a degree. These include many women, underrepresented minorities, low-income, and first-generation college students.

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STEM Students can find Open Study Space, Tutoring, Faculty Office Hours and Advising, Student Support, Chromebooks and more in our Snohomish 126 Study Room. See the Calendar below for details.

Edmonds Community College Areas of Study Include:

We're Changing How Students Perceive Their Capabilities in STEM and Growing the Base of Available Talent in the U.S. for STEM Jobs. The College Is:

  • studentsEncouraging students in pre-college courses to choose further science studies and achieve science career goals by providing mentoring and tutoring;
  • Helping to ensure that students who have declared an intent to study science complete their Associate of Science degrees by providing scholarships, mentoring, and advising;
  • Creating a cohort of science students who are optimally prepared to succeed at the university level and who do transfer to universities to continue their bachelor’s degrees;
  • Helping math and science students to go above and beyond in their studies by offering undergraduate science research projects in acoustics, optics, string theory, and wind tunnels. Partners include CWU, UW, and NASA;
  • Giving students opportunities to apply what they’ve learned — engineering students have built and raced submarines and race cars and digital forensics students have worked on actual cases and interned at the state attorney general’s high-tech crime unit;
  • Creating community interest and offering events such as a science camp to connect with K-12 schools, students, and parents aimed at increasing interest in science studies and careers at an early age; and
  • Connecting students to professional organizations and employers such as The Boeing Company, Premera Blue Cross, Swedish Edmonds, and Crane Aerospace.

Edmonds Community College: