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Alderwood Hall, Room 218A

Office Hours:

Fall-Spring: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Tuesday 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Summer: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Employee Listing

Name Title Office Phone Email
Carey Schroyer Dean of STEM Division ALD 217 425.640.1626 carey.schroyer@edcc.edu
Misty Cline Administrative Division Manager ALD 216 425.640.1108 mcline@edcc.edu
Cheryl Meier Administrative Assistant ALD 218A 425.640.1679 cheryl.meier@edcc.edu
Kristi Ingram STEM Program Coordinator ALD 211 425.640.1902 kristi.ingram@edcc.edu
Holly Grimm MESA Director ALD 238 425.640.1556 holly.grimm@edcc.edu
Su Nelson Outreach, Recruitment and Operations Manager MON 425.640.1980 su.nelson@edcc.edu
Lauren Caruso STEM Student Support and Retention Specialist ALD 233 425.640.1854 lauren.caruso@edcc.edu
Caroline Mann Laboratory Technician BRI 283 425.640.1272 cmann@edcc.edu
Christina Hanson Laboratory Technician BRI 210 425.640.1643 chanson@edcc.edu
James Potts Laboratory Technician MON 425.640.1966 james.potts@edcc.edu 
Jonathan Miller Biology Department Head ALD 256 425.640.1135 jonathan.miller@edcc.edu
Heather Walsh Chemistry Department Head ALD 234D 425.640.1092 heather.walsh@edcc.edu
Tim Hunt Computer Science Department Head ALD 254 425.640.1863 thunt@edcc.edu
Chuck Mueller Engineering Department Head MLD 220 425.640.1237 charles.mueller@edcc.edu
Ross Monroe Engineering Technology (ETEC) Department Head MON 117 425.640.1944 ross.monroe@edcc.edu
Maria Kelly Environmental Science Department Head ALD 267 425.640.1918 mkelly@edcc.edu
Melissa Hope Math Co-Department Head ALD 272 425.640.1638 melissa.hope@edcc.edu
David Adams Math Co-Department Head ALD 203 425.640.1387 dadams@edcc.edu
Rachel Wade Physics Department Head ALD 221 425.640.1287 rachel.wade@edcc.edu