Computer Information Systems

General Questions

Where can I go to get more information about the Computer Information Systems program?

Our website has a lot of useful information to help you get started. You can also email our program coordinator at

Which CIS faculty advisor should I see if I need help?

Each one of our CIS instructors are happy to help you. If you are working toward a specific area of study, you might want to choose the advisor for that program.

I'm interested in testing the waters or want to take a class for personal development. How can I enroll for a single course?

Enrolling for a single course is easy! If you have never taken a class at Edmonds CC, before, you'll first need to apply for admission. You can complete an admission form online or pick one up at Enrollment Services, located in Lynnwood Hall, first floor. (You'll also need to pay an admissions fee.)

After submitting your application, you should receive information from the college on assessment and registration within two business days. Once you've done that, you'll want to register for your class. You can register online or in person at Enrollment Services. You'll need your student identification number (SID).

If I'm taking just a single course versus being enrolled in a certificate or degree program, do I need to take the ACCUPLACER® assessment test?

No. For more information see our assessment information.

Can I take a class if I do not have the prerequisites?

It depends. Often times, yes. Stated in the prerequisite is "Instructor permission or equivalent experience." This allows you to talk to the instructor for the class you want to take to explain why you believe you may qualify to bypass a prerequisite. Instructors make their decision on an individual basis. In addition, prerequisites for CIS courses may change, but are only updated once a year. Many classes can also be taken concurrently with the stated prerequisite. Please make sure that you contact a CIS faculty advisor before you eliminate taking a class based on not having the prerequisites.

What if the class required for my certificate or degree doesn't run?

We work with students on an individual basis to find alternate courses suitable to the certificate or degree. You'll need to talk with your faculty advisor and they will find an appropriate substitution. If a substitution is made, make sure your advisor fills out a course substitution form and submits it to the division office, as this will be needed when you apply for graduation with your certificate or degree.

How do I apply for graduation?

A completed Graduation Application must be submitted to Enrollment Services by the 10th day of the quarter in which you plan to graduate. Learn more about the application process.

You will need an individual application for every certificate and degree for which you are applying.

How do I find my grades?

After each quarter, student grades are available online. Students may access their grades by the first Thursday after the last day of the final exam week. Grades are not mailed. Student transcripts record all courses and grades. You can find your unofficial transcript and grades here: You'll need your SID and PIN to access the information.

How do I get an internship?

An internship is required for the web development certificate, and may be used in many cases as an elective or course substitution on other degrees and certificates. Normally, students are responsible for finding their own internship position. However, the internship faculty advisor, Bill Marshall should be contacted and can assist with your specific internship needs.

Additionally, we may have tech support internships available each quarter through Bill Marshall, and lab tech positions through Academic Computer Services. Contact Jessica Wallace for information. Students are also advised to go to the Career Action Center to see all of the current postings that are available. Again, if you have trouble obtaining an internship position, please contact Julie Jackson. An internship code is required for registering in the internship class. Your internship position must be in place with the appropriate paperwork filled out prior to receiving the code. Download the paperwork.

I work and can only take classes at night, on weekends or online. Is your program flexible enough for me?

Yes. We work hard to make sure our classes are attainable for both traditional and non traditional students. CIS degrees and certificates may be obtained either in the day or at night/weekends/online. Please see a CIS faculty advisor to help plan your schedule accordingly.

How much math do I need to have to begin the CIS program?

You must either place at the Math 87 level or complete the courses to get up to Math 87. Placement is the result of taking the ACCUPLACER® assessment test in Enrollment Services. .

How much math do I have to have to complete the CIS program?

The Math requirement for our program is ETEC 150  or Math 107  (or any Math number higher).

Is there a course substitution for CS 115 that will meet the graduation requirements for the CIS program?

No, please see a CIS faculty advisor.

Do any of your courses transfer to a University?

Yes. We have an articulation agreement for all of our ATA degrees with CWU for the Bachelor's of Applied Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management (BAS-ITAM). If you are intending to transfer to CWU, you should contact Terry Linkletter, the advisor for the program, as soon as possible to clarify your individual situation and classes. You'll need to make sure you're taking the transfer English (English 101 and 102) and an appropriate math class.

Additionally, any course numbered 100 or above may transfer as an elective toward Edmonds CC's AA degree, up to 15 credits. They do not usually transfer individually although some private schools may make exceptions. Other than that, they have to be a part of the AA "package" to transfer as general electives. Some additional CIS courses may transfer depending on the University, and some Universities transfer most, if not all of our courses as part of an upside down degree.

Some of the colleges known to accept the majority of CIS credits are:

  • Western Washington University
  • Central Washington University
  • Phoenix University
  • Evergreen State College

Contact the college you plan to attend to see if additional CIS courses transfer.

The planning sheets state that you must have a 2.8 GPA in order to graduate. Does this mean that you must earn at least a 2.8 in every course you take?

No. GPA stands for Grade Point AVERAGE. You must average 2.8 in the program requirements.