Women's Studies

Course Descriptions

WOMEN 200: Introduction to Women's Studies:CD

Credits: 5.0

Introduction to methods/concepts of interdisciplinary field of Women's Studies. Examines historical/cultural constructions of gender, race, class, sexuality. Includes women's histories/identity, family/work, body politics/health, violence, creativity/empowerment, resistance. Prerequisite(s): Placement in ENGL& 101 or instructor permission. Crosslisted as: DIVST 200.

Course Level Objectives

  1. Apply key concepts and theories from the field of Women's Studies to a broad spectrum of historical, political, international and social issues.
  2. Reason and think critically about gender relations and women's positions from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives.
  3. Analyze and explore relationships between sociopolitical institutions and individual experience.
  4. Explore overlapping meanings and constructions of race, class, gender, and sexuality.
  5. Compare and contextualize the histories, stories, and current situations of different groups of women, by race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and physical ability.
  6. Examine the ways that intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender shape life experience and identity formation.
  7. Identify and assess empirical research findings to critically analyze issues related to women's positions and experiences.
  8. Apply knowledge, awareness, and/or skills to identify and analyze issues related to diversity.