Occupational Safety and Health

Workplace Safety

Occupational health and safety professionals are needed in every business and industry. These specialists work with management teams to design safety programs and training.

They are responsible for the compliance with state and federal regulations regarding workplace safety. They collect data on safety and health conditions, monitor and measure hazards, and make recommendations that help prevent harm to workers, property, the environment, and the general public.

Are You Looking for a Safe Career?

Every business has unique safety issues. Whether you are considering a job in aviation, constructions, manufacturing, transportation, retail, food service, healthcare, human resources, business management or any other field – safety training is a must! The Occupational Safety and Health Program was designed through a unique collaboration between Edmonds Community College and Pierce College in response to industry demand for professionals in the field of Occupational Safety and Health.

Currently we offer two degree options:

  • Associate in Applied Science-T
  • Certificate in Construction Safety This certificate can be completed in approximately one year and is perfect for anyone interested in a job in the construction industry. It is also an excellent supplement to a variety of degree tracks.

Why Occupational Safety and Health?

Woman in a white hard hat

Occupational Safety and Health professionals make a difference in the world every day! We train you to keep workers safe and healthy so they return home to their family and community safe and sound. In our programs, you will learn to:

PREVENT - Accidents, Injury and Disease

PROTECT - People and the Environment

RESPOND - to Incidents & Concerns

INVESTIGATE - Accidents and Events

EVALUATE - Work Sites and Equipment

COMPLY - with State and Federal Regulations

DESIGN - Safety Plans, Policies and Procedures

MANAGE - Risks and Hazards

TRAIN - Workers to be SAFE

Who are the Classes Designed for? Online Classes Available!

We developed ten core OSH courses. All ten courses can be taken online.* We also have two special topics course that will offer a variety of specific instruction in areas such as Transportation Safety, Workplace Violence, Medical Surveilance, Pandemic Flu, and Safety in Agriculture. The OSH courses can be taken to supplement many different degree tracks or as professional development opportunities.

The U.S. Department of Labor expects a 9% to 17% job growth through 2014 for occupational safety and health technicians. Occupational Safety and Health as a profession is a great move for people currently employed but seeking advancement in their career. There is also a need for beginning professionals to fill a variety of jobs in this field. Many current safety professionals are preparing to retire which will create even more job opportunities in the near future.

* Some courses may require a one time, face to face exam for certification purposes. Alternative accommodations can be arranged with the instructor.