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Due to COVID-19, we must advise and place our ESL students through an online orientation and assessment process. Edmonds CC spring quarter classes will begin on April 13. The last day of the quarter is June 19. All ESL classes will be online.

As you begin this ESL application process, we need to ask you some questions:

  1. Do you have a computer, tablet or phone with reliable Internet access?
  2. Do you feel comfortable taking your class online?
    If you answered yes to both of these questions, please fill out this application. If you do not feel comfortable taking class online, we ask that you call us in the middle of May for summer and fall registration details. You can reach us by phone at 425.640.1478 or email: esladvising@edcc.edu.

If you are a returning student, please email iryna.novachuk@edcc.edu. We will look at your past class history and offer suggestions for spring quarter classes.

For students without internet, you can contact Comcast/Xfinity and get free internet for 60 days. To sign up, please visit www.internetessentials.com. There are also two dedicated phone numbers 1.855.846.8376 (English) and 1.855.765.6995 (Spanish).

Please stay healthy and safe!

1. Apply for Admission

Fill out the college application and get your student ID number! Here is a guide to help you.

Apply for Admission

2. Complete some questions for the ESL department

After you submit your application Step #1, please answer some questions for us here:

Student Questions

3. Make a phone appointment with an Advisor

Once you complete Step #2, please book a time here:

4. Check your schedule and Pay

After your phone appointment, we will register you for a class. Please check your schedule and pay here:

Check Schedule    Pay Online