International Education

International Education Division

The International Education Division offers programs and services that provide education and training to increase the abilities of individuals to be effective in intercultural settings and to increase their awareness and understanding of cultural factors in human interactions. The division achieves this through offering English as a Second language programs for resident non-native English speakers and international students, by providing courses in international business and international studies, and by offering advising services and specialized programs to international students at the college.

The division also offers study abroad and faculty teaching exchange opportunities and is responsible for international institutional relationships with colleges and businesses abroad.

The Division consists of two areas: 1) International Education, an instructional unit, and 2) International Student Services, a student services unit.

International Education is comprised of the following academic departments:

  1. Adult Basic Education English as a Second Language
  2. English for Academic Purposes
  3. Intensive English as a Second Language
  4. International Business
  5. International Studies

International Student Services has two main functions:

  1. International Marketing and Student Recruitment
  2. Student Advising:
  • International Student Advising
  • Study Abroad Advising