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Adding Composition Courses

English 099, English 101, and English 102

Please read through the following information and contact Rob Harrill, department head, (rob.harrill@edcc.edu, 425.640.1911) with any questions.

Registration for English 099, 101, and 102 (NOT creative writing, literature or humanities courses) is controlled by the instructor as of the first day of the quarter. Students registering for classes or making schedule changes and wanting to ADD a composition class on or after the first day of the quarter should do the following:

  • Locate prerequisite documentation appropriate to the level of composition in which enrollment is requested.

English 099: Accuplacer scores, Placement sheet from English Prep/Academic English, OR English Prep 093 with a 2.0 or better grade.

English 101: Accuplacer scores, Placement sheet from English Prep/Academic English, OR unofficial Edmonds College transcript showing Edmonds College's English 099 with a 2.0 or better grade

English 102: unofficial transcript showing Edmonds College's English 101 (or equivalent)* with a 2.0 or better grade. See note below about transcript evaluation.

  • Contact the instructor for the section in which the student wishes to enroll, either by bringing an add form to the class or the instructor’s office OR by sending the instructor an emailed request that includes the student’s name and ID number and the requested course and section number. When the student contacts the instructor, pre-requisite information should be in hand (or sent as an attachment if making electronic contact). English department policy prohibits instructors from enrolling any student without first confirming proper prerequisite documentation.

Upon receipt of the request, the instructor will either immediately sign the student in to the course OR confirm a procedure for and/or placement on a waiting list.

  • If the student receives an instructor signature on an add form OR an electronic approval for registration, enrollment can be completed through Enrollment Services with that documentation.

Please note: the English department is committed to keeping enrollments at capacity and will continue to enroll qualified students through Monday of the second week of the quarter as space permits. Late enrolling students are responsible for missed material and instruction.

*Students transferring from other institutions should immediately go to Enrollment Services to begin the transcript-evaluation process, which can take several weeks. On-the-spot evaluation of transcripts is possible on a limited basis if students bring an unofficial transcript, the published course description for the class in question, and any other documentation of course work to the Enrollment Services counter for review. If equivalency is determined, students should get the evaluator's signature and have that information ready to hand to an instructor when making the request for enrollment. English department faculty members are NOT authorized to determine equivalencies.