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Composition Classes

First-week registration for composition courses

Our sequence of composition classes is designed to prepare you to write successfully in your college courses, since critical reading and writing skills will be essential in any discipline. To advance from one level of the sequence to the next, it is necessary to earn a grade of 2.0 or higher.

notepad and pencilPlacement into English composition courses is by test score; see the next section for more information on placement. English 99 reviews fundamental essay writing skills as preparation for college-level writing. (For information on placement testing, see the next section.) English 101 focuses on analytical reading and writing using literature as text, and English 102 introduces you to academic research writing. English 101 and 102 are both required for the AA degree and will transfer to four-year colleges in Washington. Many classes in other disciplines require English 99 or English 105 as prerequisites. English 102 requires students to have taken English 101 or an equivalent course, with a passing grade of 2.0.

Here is how we suggest you navigate through the English requirements for the AA degree: Get your English placement as soon as possible after you enroll (see the next section); take English 99 (if required) and English 101 as early as possible. Before enrolling in English 102, we encourage students to take literature, humanities, journalism and/or creative writing classes to keep up your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Enrollment in our composition courses is limited to 25 students to ensure that each student's writing gets the instructor's individual attention. We want you to get the class that fits your scheduling needs, but we cannot overload the composition courses by accepting additional students above the limit of 25. This applies to online courses as well as face-to-face classes. If the section you want is full, please keep checking for openings by monitoring the registration area computers. Particularly around tuition deadlines, openings do occur, and whoever tries to register for them first gets them. So keep trying!

Enrolling In English Classes: Placement Tests or Permit Cards

Our experience shows that students learn best in the courses that match their level of skill; matching the student with the level of the course is called placement.

To enroll in your first college-level composition course, you need ONE of the following:

  • placement by scores from the ACCUPLACER test, administered by Edmonds College - this is necessary if you are registering for the first time at Edmonds College;
  • a permit from a English Prep or ESL/Academic English instructor; or
  • proof (transcript or grade report) that you have passed (with a 2.0 or higher), the equivalent of English 101 at another college.

To arrange an appointment for placement testing, go to the Enrollment Services office in Lynnwood Hall or call 425.640.1459.

A note on prerequisites:
If you are a transfer student and your credits have not yet been evaluated by Edmonds College, you may be allowed to register on the basis of informal documentation, such as an unofficial transcript or a grade report. If this happens, PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING THIS DOCUMENT TO THE FIRST MEETING OF THE CLASS SO THE INSTRUCTOR CAN VERIFY YOUR PREREQUISITE. A student who does not have the prerequisite or cannot show documentation of the prerequisite will not be able to stay in the course, even if registered for it. So be sure to bring that transcript or grade report.

Special Services Available to You: English Prep and the Writing Center

We know that students come to Edmonds College with a broad variety of skills and learning styles so, in addition to our regular classes, we have several options for strengthening critical reading and writing skills. If placement testing indicates the need for additional development in these areas before college-level work, you will be referred to the English Prep department, located on the second floor of Mountlake Terrace Hall.

There you will find a variety of courses, taught by a dedicated and experienced team of enthusiastic instructors, that will prepare you for college-level writing. If you are placed in a college-level course, but would like additional support or peer tutoring in writing, we urge you to register for WRITE 101. You may also drop in to the Writing Center for help with a particular assignment from a student tutor; your composition instructor may suggest that you do this.