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Family Life Education

Hands-On Learning

Be part of your child's learning through a parent education program fostering the growth and development of parents and children with hands-on learning. The Family Life Education department will help you enhance your parenting skills and connect you with a network of other parents and professionals.

Many classes are offered at cooperative preschools in the community, including at the college's Center for Families. The cooperative preschools offer parent-infant, parent-toddler, and parent-preschool classes.

To register for classes call 425.640.1665.

Outstanding Program, Strong Mission

Mother and childrenParent Education offers classes to parents and caretakers of young children. The Family Life Education department is affiliated with eight cooperative community preschools and offers infant and toddler classes for parents at the Center for Families. We also provide parenting education sessions for Snohomish County Head Start.

Our mission: To work in partnership with families in nurturing the development of children through parent education and support.


Parent Education Enrollment
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