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What is Edmonds College Workplace Readiness Course?

It is our mission to serve students with disabilities who have post-secondary goals to be prepared for college, the workplace and beyond. We are partnering with DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) to offer this course and are dedicated to supporting students as they transition out of high school to pursue academic and vocational goals. Because it is committed to helping students grow in their preparation of college and workplace environments, it meets 4 times a week Monday-Thursday 2:50-3:50 p.m. in Mukilteo Hall (MUK) 215.

Why is the class located on Edmonds College's campus?

This course is uniquely located at Edmonds College as an access point to the college and surrounding community, creating experiential learning inside and outside of our class that will give every student the opportunity to gain at least one professional recommendation each quarter. This course will provide students with the opportunity to: 1) furthering academic interests at Edmonds College and/or 2) finding a job either on or off campus (In the past students have found jobs on campus in facilities, culinary and been placed in aerospace training WATR center)

What is the time commitment to this program?

Our class will meet daily, Monday through Thursday in the afternoons from 2:50-3:50pm and will create a structure of support with peer mentoring and specialized instruction around individual’s plans to access specific programs at the college level or to make specific progress toward vocational goals. Students can also participate in optional social and vocational assistance/experiences for an hour after the listed class time depending on the day of the week.  

Is Pursuit a Substitute for a High School 18-21 Adult Transition Plan?

No. It is currently designed to work IN ADDITION and alongside programs that are adult transition plans and not meant to replace them. The class runs from 2:50-3:50pm to accommodate students coming from high schools and these programs in the area. This Pursuit Lab is meant to expose students who have motivation to seek workplace readiness and pathways on the college campus.

How do I enroll?

To register set up an appointment with Dusty Brannan or Courtney from the Pursuit Team via at 425.640.1684 or pursuit@edcc.edu.

Check the updated Academic Calendar. Pursuit’s class runs during the fall, winter and spring quarters. Students may add to the class up through the tenth day of the quarter, if spots are still available.

What will this course cost?

Funding options are available. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier if this class is the right fit for you. This class can be funded through various sources. At orientations we will work together to determine which funding source(s) might apply to your specific situation.

What students are a good match for Pursuit?

Students who are a good match for the program would be students who:

  • Are 16 or older and live in the area or are capable of independent transportation
  • Want to be a part of a fun and supportive community of peers building independence through career and college exploration and progress.
  • Are able to participate verbally and in written English and challenging behaviors are minimal to none.

Why is it called the “Pursuit” program?

It was coined the pursuit program because it has been designed for students that have a drive to pursue an academic or post-secondary goal.

What are these “Village” meetings?

As we all know it takes all of us doing our part to support our students and this program that wants to provide services for students with disabilities as they transition from post-secondary is no different. We are a new program and we are gathering community partners and resources once a quarter to create more access and pathways for our students.  Knowing there isn’t an IEP team for our students after high school, we wanted to create a space for all of those that want to support our students to gather and share our resources so that there could be a space to connect, share our needs and resources so that we can best advocate for our students. Each meeting builds on the one prior to it because we are implementing ideas and resources and coming back with the progress of this program. These have been happening once a quarter and you can contact the Pursuit Team at 425.640.1684 or pursuit@edcc.edu if you’d like to receive information about future meetings.

What kind of support does Edmonds College Edmonds College offer for students with disabilities?

  • For those applying to the pursuit program’s workplace readiness course, there is an environment of like-minded students, support of instructors, and collaboration with DVR for case management on future internships with jobs.
  • Our campus has Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD): For students with any type of disability, this is the avenue that they can receive accommodations and help in any class they are taking at Edmonds College Edmonds College. http://students.edcc.edu/ssd/default.html
  • TRIO: offers a home base that gives access to personalized tutoring, Financial Aid help, and advising and more. It is limited to those who are pursuing an Associates degree at Edmonds College Edmonds College. https://www.edcc.edu/trio/
  • Learning Support Center: One on one tutoring for various classes, etutoring and writing center resources.

**this project is made possible by the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

If you have any further questions regarding the pursuit program, the schedule of village meetings or orientation, applications, or classes please feel free to contact the Pursuit Team at 425.640.1684 or pursuit@edcc.edu.