Contact Information

Department Information:

425.640.1593 | Pre-College Front Desk in Mukilteo Hall 403

I-BEST at Edmonds Community College helps students begin college level classes faster with additional support. We are a case management style program, with a team of navigators to help students reach their goals. I-BEST students receive help with financial aid and funding processes, scholarship/grant applications, student success goals and strategies, and academic planning, career guidance, and help registering for quarterly classes. Come see us to learn more. 

Contact the I-BEST Team:

Nicole Rios-Gunn (Habla Español)
I-BEST Advising Manager

425.640.1628 | Nicole.Rios-Gunn@edcc.edu

Heidi Walters
I-BEST Program Coordinator, Part-Time

425.640.1167 | Heidi.Walters@edcc.edu

Meghan Andrew (Habla Español)
I-BEST ESL Case Manager

425.640.1780 | Meghan.Andrew@edcc.edu

Tanya Yandl  (говорю по-русски)
I-BEST Case Manager, Part-Time

425.640.1822 | Tanya.Yandl@edcc.edu

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Attend I-BEST/College Prep Orientation

  • CASAS Pre-test (Math & Reading) Score 221+

  • Annual WABERS+ reporting form

  • Ongoing Case Managment, and support classes

Call our front desk at 425.640.1593 to schedule your orientation, and learn more about I-BEST.