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English Prep

English Prep course Sequence

The English Prep Department offers a variety of classes to help you improve your reading and writing skills. Depending on your Accuplacer scores, you may take one or more of the following classes:

English 099: Critical Reading and Writing

Prepares students for ENGL&101 and other college level courses. Emphasizes comprehension and critical reading skills, basic composition methods, rhetorical principles, and approaches to college discussion. Helps students strengthen academic sentence-level conventions, and introduces students to academic citation. Prerequisite: ACCUPLACER, essay placement, or permit from English Prep or Academic English.

English Prep 093: Reading and Essay Development

Focuses on the development of the full-length essay while improving students' reading, writing, sentence, and discussion skills. S/U grade option. Prerequisite: Placement by permit, test results, or completion of ENGLP 090 with a minimum grade of 2.0.

English Prep 090: Reading and Writing Improvement

Improves reading comprehension, writing, and discussion skills for academic success and general educational needs. Covers summarizing and paragraph writing that reflects a basic command of English grammar and sentence skills. S/U grade option. Prerequisite: Placement by permit or test results.

English Prep 087/088: College Prep Reading and Writing

College preparatory coursework including reading comprehension, vocabulary, college success skills, writing, and spelling.  Credits: Variable (1.0 to 5.0) Registration permitted first seven weeks (six in summer) as space is available. S/U grade option. Prerequisite: Placement by permit or test results.