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Edmonds Career Access Program (EdCAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EdCAP?

The Edmonds Career Access Program (EdCAP) provides young adults the opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college environment. EdCAP students also have the option to explore classes to earn a degree or certificate in one of our many approved college programs. Tuition, fees and books are covered by the program.

What is the age requirement to be in EdCAP?

In order to be age eligible, students must be less than age 21 but at least age 16 on September 1 of the school year in which they wish to enroll. There are no exceptions. Per WAC 392-700 (1).

What other eligibility requirements are there?

Students must have not yet earned their high school diploma and be: a) significantly behind in credits or b) recommended for enrollment by district-approved school personnel or other designated professionals. Per WAC 392-700 (1). Undocumented students are welcome!

How much does EdCAP cost?

Tuition is free. Most books, fees, and certain supplies are paid for as long as a student is in the program.

How many high school credits do I need to get into EdCAP?

There is no minimum or maximum credit requirement.

How do I apply to EdCAP?

  • Complete the EdCAP Secondary Student Registration Form (P-134) and obtain a transcript.
    • Unofficial transcripts are accepted only if the student’s last high school is within the Edmonds School District.
  • Prospective students may stop by the Pre-College office in Mukilteo Hall, Room 403, or download the required P-134 and Instructions at www.edcc.edu/edcap.
  • Submit the P-134 and transcript in Mukilteo Hall, Room 403. At this point students will be registered for our Pre-Admission Student Seminar (PASS) regardless of eligibility.
  • Once eligibility to attend PASS is established by the Edmonds School District in compliance with HB 1418, our office will attempt to contact any student who is not eligible prior to PASS to discuss options.
  • Students in the PASS are given EdCAP program info, required application materials, and next steps.
    • Students should read and thoroughly complete the EdCAP Application materials in their own words and writing. Students who are 16 or 17 will need parent signatures to complete the application.
    • Parents: please do not complete the application for the student. Students whose parents complete the application are less likely to succeed in the program.
    • Students need to complete placement testing and submit, in person, all required materials to the Pre-College Office in Mukilteo Hall, Room 403. Incomplete packets are not accepted.

Does everyone who applies get in?

No. Acceptance is based on:

  • The student's attendance and participation during the Pre-Admission Student Seminar (PASS).
  • Completion of all application materials.
  • Reading and writing test scores.
  • Recommendation from student's school or district and determination of readiness for the program made by the Edmonds School District.
  • Meeting with a case manager for advising after completion of PASS.
  • Attendance and participation at the mandatory EdCAP orientation (students who do not attend
    orientation are not admitted into the program).

EdCAP is not for everyone and we refer students to other programs at the College and in the community that may better meet their needs.

I am looking for an easier alternative high school program. Is EdCAP the right fit for me?

No, EdCAP is not necessarily an easier alternative to traditional high school. Students take classes that are designed to help them complete High School Diploma requirements including state tests and the High School and Beyond Plan. In addition, EdCAP students are required to take two EdCAP classes: EdCAP 095 and EdCAP 096, which are designed to help support students in their transition to college and/or career. Students:

  • Determine their unique individual strengths and learning styles.
  • Develop short-and long-term career and academic goals.
  • Find and use resources and services available at Edmonds Community College.
  • Develop and implement a project plan and utilize research resources.
  • Practice working effectively in groups.

How many students are there in each class?

EdCAP 095 class capacity is usually around 25 students. Enrollment in other classes varies depending on the subject. Some coordinated studies classes, which are team-taught by two teachers, can have 25-50 students.

How many credits do I need to get a high school diploma?

All new students starting the EdCAP program will be required to earn 22 credits in the following subject areas: English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Career and Technical Education, Physical Education/Health, Senior Experience/Financial Literacy, Fine Arts, High School and Beyond Plan and Electives. All students are responsible to pass the Washington State exit exams required by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for their original graduating class to earn a high school diploma.

Can new students start EdCAP summer quarter?

No. EdCAP only admits new students for Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.

Are the SBA/End of Course Math Exams required?

State testing and High School and Beyond Plan graduation requirements vary for each graduating class and
are based on the year a student enters ninth grade. State testing is offered through EdCAP on campus.

Note: Students from an out-of-state high school should obtain test results from any state mandated testing
required for high school graduation at the same time they get their official transcript.

I just want a high school diploma: can I move quickly through it and get it done?

You can move as quickly as possible by taking a full load of classes and attending every quarter without interruption as long as you are in good standing. Students might also consider exploring classes towards one of our many degree/certificate programs, while at the same time working on the requirements for their high school diploma; this could save a lot of tuition later.

What happens to the credits I earned in high school?

They are evaluated and applied toward high school diploma requirements in EdCAP.

What happens to the credits I earn while a student in EdCAP?

Any credits you earn become a part of your permanent college transcript at Edmonds Community College as well as your permanent high school transcript with the Edmonds School District.

Can I earn college credits in EdCAP?

Yes, if academically ready, you can get a jump start on taking college level classes that can be applied towards your high school diploma and towards a college certificate or degree.

How long will it take to get my high school diploma?

The length of time depends on the amount of credits transferred into EdCAP and the number of classes taken each quarter.

What if I didn't do well in high school? Will that count against me?

No. EdCAP helps provide a fresh start.

Can I get my GED® while in EdCAP?

Students can take the GED test while enrolled in EdCAP at no cost to them.

If I am currently enrolled in high school, can I finish my quarter in high school and be in EdCAP at the same time?

No. You must withdraw from your high school and then start EdCAP. State regulations allow you to be enrolled in only one program at a time.

What do the schedules look like in EdCAP?

It depends on the demands of your own life. Are you working? Do you have medical appointments? Do you have to meet your little brother or sister's school bus? We try to create schedules based on student needs and credit requirements. Each student is different. Classes are available morning and afternoon, with some evening and online classes available. Students can go part-time or full-time. 

What about attendance?

Attendance is required. Students are required to attend each class session that they are registered for at
Edmonds Community College. We are required to notify the Edmonds School District when students under the age of 18 are no longer in classes..

Will my parents have access to my college records?

Edmonds Community College follows FERPA federal law guidelines. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) afford students certain rights with respect to their education records. Written permission is required for instructors and staff to share records with parents. More information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and forms for students/parents may be obtained by visiting Student Records page.

What types of degrees or certificates does EdCAP fund?

EdCAP funds many degrees and certificates. See a full list of areas of study.

Can I transfer to any four-year college if I earn a two-year degree while in EdCAP? 

Each individual college and/or university has different entrance requirements.  It is best to check with a transfer advisor at Edmonds CC, or the admissions office at the college you are interested in attending to find out specific information.  If you plan to continue your education beyond EdCAP, you should also visit https://fafsa.ed.gov to review options for financial aid.  If you are an undocumented student, please visit  http://readysetgrad.org/wasfa to explore your student aid options.

For more information, please contact us at:

EdCAP, Pre-College Division
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Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Avenue West
Lynnwood, WA 98036-5999 

Telephone: 425.640.1593
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