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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in completing your high school diploma while earning credits for college and a career program? Below are some responses to questions people frequently ask about the High School Completion (HSC) program at Edmonds College.

What is the High School Completion program?

HSC is a program in which students can complete the requirements for a high school diploma which meets the minimum credit requirements of the state of Washington.

I’m 25. Am I too old to earn a high school diploma?

No, students 17 and older are eligible for the Adult High School Completion program and students 19 and older are eligible for the reduced tuition waiver. The average age is 22 but there are students in their 30s, 40s, and older in Adult High School. Young adults between 16-21 can also apply for the EdCAP (Edmonds Career Access Program) to complete a high school diploma.

What is the EdCAP program?

EdCAP is a high school completion program and career training program for young adults 16-21 in which they can earn a high school diploma and a professional-technical certificate or degree. Applicants need to submit official transcripts, take a placement test, and attend a four day orientation.

How many classes will I need to take to complete my high school diploma?

This depends on how many credits you earned in your previous high schools. If you completed grade 9, it will probably take you about five to six quarters to finish your high school diploma. If you completed grade 10 or 11, generally, it takes three to five quarters. If you completed most of the 12th grade it will take one to two quarters.

How do I know what classes to take?

A HSC advisor will evaluate your transcripts and determine how many and what classes you will need to take to graduate.

How do I apply for the HSC program?

You will need to get an official copy of your transcripts (the records of the classes you took and your grades) from any high school(s) you attended. If need be, the transcripts will have to be translated into English. In the United States, grade 9, the third year of junior high counts towards the credits needed for a high school diploma.

What are some of the benefits of the HSC program?

  • HSC students 19 and older receive a tuition waiver for classes they need to finish their high school diploma. 
  • HSC students can take classes which can apply towards their career and towards their high school diploma. For example, if a HSC student takes Electronics classes, these apply towards the Math, Science, and elective requirements for a high school diploma but also towards an Electronics degree. If a student needs United States History, they can take one of the High School Completion program U.S. History classes or, if they are academically ready, a college level U.S. History class which would count both towards their High School Diploma and also their college degree.
  • Second language speakers can take AENGL classes at a very reduced cost to earn English credit.

What is the GED®?

The GED® (General Education Development) Test is a test that certifies that the taker has high school level academic skills in reading, writing, and math. Edmonds College offers GED preparation classes to help students build their skills and test with confidence.

Which is better: a high school diploma or the GED®?

There’s no right answer to this question. Depending on a person’s academic skills, how much time they have to complete a high school diploma or a GED®, and what their goals are in life, either option can be the right one. This is a question you can discuss with a HSC advisor.

I have a high school diploma from my own country. Will Financial Aid accept this or do I need to earn a United States high school diploma, too, to go to college or take career classes at Edmonds College?

No, the high school diploma you earned in your own country is accepted.

Do I need a high school diploma to go to college or take classes that are not GED or ESL at Edmonds College?

No, you don’t need a high school diploma. Students 18 or older can take classes such as art, music, math, or PE. However, if you want to earn a college degree or a certificate in most career programs such as Allied Health Education, you will need to take an English and Math placement test called the ACCUPLACER®. Students who speak English as a second language take an English placement test called the LOEP.

Do I have to take the ACCUPLACER or the LOEP to be in High School Completion?

Yes you do, unless you only need to take classes which do not involve reading, writing, or math. HSC students are required to have a reading level of 9th grade or higher or, at a minimum, ESL students need to place into AENGL 098.

What level of ESL do I have to be to take the LOEP?

Generally, students who have completed ESL 060 (Level 6) are ready to take the LOEP.

Do I need to be a citizen to be in the HSC program?

No, you don’t need to be a citizen. However, if you are in the United States with F, M, H, J, L, TN or B visas, you need to contact the Office of International Programs office at 425.640.1518 for information about admissions and other ESL programs at Edmonds College.

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