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Adult High School

How to Enroll in Adult High School (AHS)

1. Transcripts

Bring an official copy, if possible, of your high school transcripts to the Developmental Education Office in Mukilteo Hall 403. This should be signed by a high school official and sealed in an envelope. Generally, there is a High School Completion (HSC) advisor available to meet with students Monday through Thursday from 9-12 and 1-4 and also on Fridays from 9-12. You may also call first at 425.640.1593 to verify what hours a HSC advisor will be available. If your high school transcripts are from out of the area, out of state, or you are having difficulty obtaining your official transcripts, come in during drop-in hours and a High School Completion advisor can help you with this process.

2. One-on-One Advising

A HSC advisor will evaluate your transcripts during your first advising meeting to determine what subjects you will need to complete a High School Diploma. The HSC advisor can also answer your questions about the Adult High School program and Edmonds Community College and create an educational plan with you. Students then are referred to take a placement test, called the ACCUPLACER®, and then return with their scores to sign up for classes with their HSC advisor.

3. Registration

Students meet with their HSC advisor and select courses that work with their life/work schedules and fulfill their high school diploma requirements. Adult High School students can go part-time or full-time and classes are available during the morning, afternoon, and at night. Students who place at college level on the ACCUPLACER can sign up for college level classes and earn credit towards their High School Diploma and a college degree at the same time! After meeting with their advisor, students register and then pay for their classes when their tuition is due. Students who register early get the best selection of classes and, generally speaking, tuition is not due until the week before the quarter begins or on the first day of the quarter. Tuition payment plans are available.

4. Continuing Support

Throughout the quarter, a HSC advisor is generally available Monday through Friday during drop-in hours for students to drop by and talk to if they have questions or concerns. Each quarter, Adult High School students meet with their advisor to select classes for the next quarter, until they have met their High School Diploma requirements. The High School Completion advisor is also available to help students throughout the quarter with the process of applying for financial aid, meeting with a college or program advisor, and supporting students in taking the next steps on a path to a college degree or a new career.


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