Construction Management


Edmonds Community College Construction Management Department has a comprehensive assessment plan that outlines direct and indirect measures by which the department can systematically evaluate student achievement of program outcomes and goals.

Any result that indicates a deficiency or decline of a Program Outcome is analyzed and reviewed by department faculty.

Outcomes and course content are then modified as needed to ensure that the department focuses on skill sets that are valued by construction employers and that the Department is doing an effective job of preparing students in those areas.

Quality Improvement Plan

The construction department follows an internal quality plan focusing on curriculum and student learning. The plan consists of four broad action areas and its implementation is continuous. The four action areas are:

  • Identify and update program outcomes - Our industry advisory board maintains and annually reviews a list of program outcomes.
  • Ensure that program structure and course content address program outcomes - Course syllabi are reviewed regularly to ensure that course content aligns with our outcomes and that all of the outcomes are addressed within required classes.
  • Verify that courses effectively teach to program objectives - Each course and each instructor is evaluated regularly by our students. The department also conducts a survey of graduates. Details can be found below.
  • Modify curriculum and program procedures based on objective criteria:
      • Student Evaluations of Courses and Instructors
      • Instructor monitoring of student progress,
      • Graduate Exit Exams, and
      • Graduate Surveys

Student Evaluations of Courses and Instructors

Students evaluate course content and faculty performance annually using a standardized web-based assessment system. Instructors modify course content to reflect changes in student needs and suggestions.

Instructor Monitoring of Student Progress

During each course, Instructors monitor student progress. Test and exam performance are reviewed on an ongoing by the Instructor administering the test/exam.

Graduate Survey and Exit Exam

In addition to student course evaluations, the Construction Management ATA Degree has identified 13 core goals for its graduates.

The Exit Exam is given to graduating students each academic year. The Graduate Survey is performed by the Department Head biennially. Results are used and are integral to the CM Program’s Quality Improvement Plan. Neither is used as a criteria for students graduating.

Graduate Surveys

Program Graduates are asked to report on the level of the knowledge and preparedness they received from the program. A special emphasis is put on the success of the outcomes in the graduates current construction management based employment. The CM Department Head analysis of the Graduate Survey is used for program analysis by the instructional staff.

Upon graduating, students from the program are asked two questions regarding each of these skills:

  1. How important is the skill in your job?
  2. Did we prepare you at the level necessary to meet job requirements?

The survey helps ensure that faculty and student efforts are well aligned with industry needs and expectations. It also helps to ensure that our graduates are well prepared in areas that are valued by industry. Survey results are tabulated and compared to insure students, and employers, needs are met. The survey also tracks starting salaries and benefits.

Results of the 2016-17 academic year survey of Construction Management Students:

Graduate Survey results by Program Level Outcome Importance in the Workplace Level on Graduating Level of Preparedness
1. Communication (BSTEC 110) 4.0 4.5 111%
2. Estimating 3.4 4.1 121%
3. Planning and Scheduling 2.8 3.8 137%
4. Current Technology 3.7 4.2 113%
5. Interpret Construction Documents 4.7 4.6 97%
6. Construction Accounting / Finance 2.7 3.4 127%
7. Construction Layout 3.3 3.7 113%
8. Ethics in the Construction Industry 4.1 4.2 102%
9. Building Codes 3.6 3.7 103%
10. Construction Materials and Methods 3.9 4.5 115%
11. Safety 2.5 3.5 140%
12. Design Theory 3.5 3.5 100%
13. Recognize basic principles of MEP 3.5 3.3 94%
Overall Evaluation of the Construction Management Program 3.5 3.9 113%

Evaluation of the results: The data above indicate an increased importance in the skills of Interpreting Contract Documents, Ethics in Construction, and recognizing the Basic Principles of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems.

Actions Taken: All instructors have been informed of these results with pedagogy methods and content modified to reflect this changing Construction Management industry.

Employment Information

Average starting Wage $60,500

Low Starting Wage $44,000

High Starting Wage $90,000

Most graduates reported first year incomes in the in $50,000 to 80,000 range

Of the graduates responding to this survey, ALL reported being currently employed in the Construction Management Profession.

Graduate Exit Exam

Beginning in the 2016-17 academic year, the Construction Management Department initiated an exit exam of program graduates. This exam is a direct assessment of the Program Outcomes by program graduates.

The Exit Exam is performed on a ‘baseline’ format. The baseline of previous tests’ are compared against the current test performance. Primarily, the department is monitoring for trends of improvement or decline. When a group of graduates score below 80% (of graduates getting the answer correct) the item is an ‘event’ for ongoing scrutiny and attention from the Construction Management instructional staff.

The Exit Exam is currently in the beta stage of testing. One Exit Exam has been administered at the time of this posting. When concurrent Exit Exams are available, trends will be identifiable, evaluated, and addressed. At that time, the results will be posted here.