Culinary Arts

What are the uniform requirements?

Specified attire is required for Culinary Arts students to maintain professionalism, sanitation, and safety.

All students will be required to wear attire meeting the below specifications daily. Any individual who forgets his uniform or whose attire is unacceptable will not be allowed to participate in that day's instructional program. Absence for those reasons will be classified as "unexcused".

It is the responsibility of each student to provide the necessary acceptable attire for his instructional area.

Cost: $250 approximately

1-5 Quarter(s) Specification

Food Server

  • Black slacks or plain black skirt
  • Plain long sleeve white shirt or blouse with regular collar
  • Bistro apron
  • Black leather shoes
  • Approved tie of your choice

Hair must be kept under control (off of the collar). Dangling jewelry is not allowed because of safety and sanitation concerns.

Kitchen Production, Receiving and Storage, and Purchasing

  • 2-3 each double-breasted "chef's" coats, long sleeve, white
  • 2-3 each small herringbone cook's pants
  • 2-3 each bib or four way aprons
  • 1-2 each chefs hats, white cloth chef's hats (8-10" height)
  • Work shoes or boots with moisture resistant uppers and skid proof, rubberized soles, black or white only

Hair must be kept under control (off of the collar). This will be accomplished through use of hair nets and/or hats. Dangling jewelry is not allowed because of sanitation and safety concerns.

3-5 Quarters Specification

Management: Supervision, Maitre d', Cost, and Controls

Conservative business dress:

  • Men: slacks and dress shirts (ties optional)
  • Women: dresses, slacks or skirts; no leggings or tight stretch pants; no nail polish

Lecture Classes

  • As appropriate to the day's station assignment