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Business Information Technology

Highly Skilled Administrative Professionals Are In Demand

Business Information Technology students learn required skills for employment in medical, financial, and general office environments. Areas of study include communication, computer proficiency, human relations, problem-solving, organizational management, and medical administration/billing.

Earn a Business Information Technology certificate or degree in these areas of study:

Program design and curriculum development are routinely evaluated by an advisory board. This collaboration with industry partners ensures graduates have the necessary skills to meet current employment expectations.

Skills Center Offers Individualized, Self-Paced Learning

We offer you the opportunity to learn new skills one credit at a time! By breaking some of the courses into credit sections, you can learn at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Open Enrollment: Classes are available during the first seven weeks of the quarter (six weeks in summer). Just select the number of credits and receive grades for those credits that you complete in a quarter. See Skills Center courses in the quarterly class schedule.