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Prior Learning

Special Project

The Special Project process is used when you have met with an Edmonds College faculty member who has determined that:

  • there is not an Edmonds College course that matches or is equivalent to the learning for which you seek credit but is within a program offered by the college;

  • your learning is college-level and has agreed to be your sponsor throughout the project;

  • the course you need is not offered but could be completed through independent study as a course substitution.

The Special Project self-support fee is $350 and is payable after the faculty member and division dean have approved the project. There are no refunds for any project that is not completed. 

Unless it is a course substitution, a successful Special Project will be transcripted as elective credits by either a decimal or "S" grade. Credits earned though a Special Project will count toward the Edmonds College residency requirement and will be calculated into your grade point average (GPA).

If you plan to transfer to another institution, be sure to check the transferability of these credits.

The Special Project Request form is located by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. You will go through a series of steps which begin with “Welcome to the Online Electronic Forms.” You will:

  • Click on the “Student” button which will take you to the “Student Authentication” page.
  • You will enter your SID then your PIN and click on “Authenticate” (if you are not an Edmonds College student, you will receive directions on what to do to apply to the college).     
  • On the next page, click on “Continue.”
  • On the next page, click on the “Select” button next to Special Project.
  • Your personal information will appear on the top portion of the page. “I” (information) buttons are available throughout this page for additional information.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Department and either 199 or 299 as the Course Number—note: if this is the first Special Project you have done with this department, the course number should be 199. If you have already done a 199 Special Project in this department, the course number should be 299.
  • Under Description of Special Project provide as much information as possible about the full extent of this project. Ideally, this section should be completed after a thorough discussion with the faculty member who will be working with you on this project.

If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact the PL director at priorlearning@edcc.edu or plemay@edcc.edu

You are now ready to begin: Special Project request online form