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Basic Food and Employment Training

Eligible Programs

Associate of Technical Arts Degrees

Associate of Technical Arts (ATA) degrees are designed to provide professional and technical training to prepare students for specific jobs or to improve existing skills. All of our career programs have advisory committees of professionals in related fields to help ensure that our curriculum evolves with changes in business and industry. Advisory committee members and faculty members work together to link education and employment and help students succeed.

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Certificates are shorter programs and are designed to provide specialized training and skills in a number of interest areas. 

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Please note that while these Associate of Technical Arts degrees and certificates can be approved by BFET, your program of study must be considered to be in a field that is in demand for employment based on the statewide ESD (Employment Security Department) Demand/Decline list of occupations. If there is a question regarding the employability of a requested program, it will be the student's responsibility to prove to BFET that employment can be gained in the field with the studies at Edmonds CC.

Additional note: Any student seeking BFET support for an Allied Health program must pass a national background check. The current employment environment indicates that any offense on your background will disqualify you for placement in a clinical externship and subsequent employment. Background issues may affect your ability to get professional licensing.

All Allied Health students must have the required immunizations prior to the quarter they start their clinical externship work. Please see the Allied Health department for details.

Please note the Practical Nurse Certificate program (326A) has specific application requirements, work history, and prerequisite course work. See the Allied Health Department for details. The PREN direct transfer program in Nursing is not BFET-eligible.

Available programs, need for background checks, and the content of the Demand/Decline list are subject to change. Through BFET, a student is eligible to earn a single ATA and the embedded certificates in that degree. At the completion of the ATA or certificate program, a student in BFET is expected to obtain employment.