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Canvas Login Directions

Before You Begin

Before you can log in to Canvas the first time, you need to reset your password

How to Locate Your Assigned (Default) Password

Your Canvas password is assigned automatically after you are accepted to the college. Here are some examples of how to identify your assigned (default) password. Your assigned (default) password is the first 2 letters of your first name (the first letter is capitalized) and the last 6 digits of your SID

John 123456789 Jo456789
Mary 123456789 Ma456789
H 123456789 H*456789

If your name is a single letter, the password will have a single letter, followed by an asterisk.Review Password Policies

You'll need to create a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters in length. Read more about passwords.

Set Your Password Now

Log in to the Password Management Tool to create your password.

Login to Canvas