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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my SID located?

SIDs are provided to all students upon enrollment. If you have forgotten your SID number please visit Enrollment Services.

What is “Canvas”?

“Canvas” (also known as a "eLearning") is an online tool that allows students access to currently enrolled courses and course resources. Once you login to Canvas (eLearning), you will see content targeted towards you (such as student resources) and a list of all of the classes you are currently enrolled in. To access your class, you will simply click on that course title.

How do I login to eLearning?

View Complete Login Information or use the START Canvas First Time Login Tutorials on the Distance Education web site. To rest your password, you will need to access the Password Reset Tool.

Help! I can’t login to eLearning!

Don’t panic. Help is available to you. Have you visited the Video Tutorials? Still can’t login? Do you already know your SID? Contact START (Student Technology Advice & Resource Team) by calling (425.640.1101) or stopping by Lynnwood Hall room 305 for help.

Now that I’m in my class, how do I use the course tools?

Complete tutorials on using all of the features within your course have been created and can be found here.