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Answer following 10 Questions with "Yes" or "No"

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I am a self-motivated person capable of working independently.
I can manage my study time efficiently to complete assignments on time.
I understand that online learning is different from classroom learning and will require an equal or greater amount of work.
I am comfortable with computers, email, and Internet technology.
I have reliable access to a computer with a high-speed connection.
I am comfortable with downloading and installing software on my computer.
I am comfortable navigating the Internet and using a web search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
I have access to a text editing program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and am familiar with opening, copy/pasting, and saving files.
I have good written and communication skills.
I am familiar with college resources and know where to go for help if I need technical support.

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I've got it going on! I know what's going on. What is going on?
Congratulations! You are a great candidate for online learning! You are a good candidate for online learning, but may need preparation before taking your first online class. You may be a candidate for online learning, but will need basic preparation before taking your first online class.
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