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Love working with infants and toddlers? New Certificate of Completion offered


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Take Applied Child Development and Activities with Infants and Toddlers this winter.

Love working with infants and toddlers?

Edmonds Community College's Early Childhood Education department now offers a short Infant and Toddler Certificate of Completion. The certificate can be completed by taking 19 credits of courses including a field practicum.

Advising is required. Call the department for more information and to make an advising appointment. Start this winter with Applied Child Development, ECE 110 and Activities with Infants and Toddlers, ECE 249. Winter quarter registration starts Nov. 21. Classes run Jan. 3-March 19.

Required courses:

Working with Infants and Toddlers | ECE 248 | 3 credits | Fall

An introductory class to the care and education of infants and toddlers.

Applied Child Development | ECE 110 | 5 credits | Winter

Examine major child development theories that are the basis of professionally defined best practices for early childhood (birth-8).

Activities with Infants and Toddlers | ECE 249 | 3 credits | Winter

Explore teaching strategies and activities that support infant and toddler growth and development.

Connecting with Infants and Toddlers | ECE 250 | 3 credits | Spring

Investigate and strengthen teacher/caregiver strategies using a relationship-based approach to support the growth of infants and toddlers

Field Practicum | ECE 208 | Fall, Winter, Spring

A field-based course to further growth as an early childhood professional.

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