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International Night Feb. 25 moves to a bigger venue: Edmonds Center for the Arts

Edmonds Community College’s popular night of student performances, International Night “Mardi Gras,” moves to a bigger venue this year 7 p.m., Fri., Feb. 25, at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, 410 Fourth Avenue North, Edmonds.

Tickets are available for $5 Feb. 9-17 at the Edmonds Community College Office of Student Life in Triton Student Center, Brier Hall (or $8 online via Edmonds Center for the Arts after Feb. 17).

The event, a cultural showcase of performances from around the world, features performances by Edmonds Community College students highlighting traditions from their home countries.

About 12,000 students attend Edmonds Community College each quarter and 81 percent of those students live within eight miles of the campus. However, the college population also includes 1,589 international students from 70 countries.

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