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Occupational Safety/Emergency Management open house March 10

The Occupational Safety and Health Program was designed through a unique collaboration between Edmonds Community College and Pierce College in response to industry demand for professionals in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. Currently we offer two training options, the Associate in Applied Science-T and a Certificate in Construction Safety. All of the 10 core courses for this program can be taken online.

Start this spring with four online classes:

Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health, OSH 100

Incident Investigation, OSH 160

Industrial Security, OSH 190

Ergonomics, OSH 230

Our Emergency Management certificate can be completed in six quarters (18 months). It provides education and training for those currently in the field, those who are responsible for business continuity, and volunteers who assist during emergency situations. Be ready to respond to a natural disaster, public health threat, or other emergency situation. Know what to do, how to direct others, and how to establish systems to help an organization prepare and maintain business functions. A majority of the certificate can be completed online.

Start this spring with two online classes:

Introduction to Emergency Management, EMERG 100

Emergency Direction and Control, EMERG 140

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