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WRITE 095 and WRITE 101

WRITE 95 and WRITE 101 are 1-2 credit supplemental, individualized writing support courses staffed by faculty. The instructors give no new assignments, but instead work one-on-one with students to discuss the writing assignments they’re working on in their other, writing-heavy courses. The sustained relationship that students develop with their instructor over the quarter means that instructors get to know their students and their writing habits and are able to help students identify the areas in their writing that need attention. This personalized instruction can lead to a lot of growth for students.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about what the WRITE classes are and how they work. If you have further questions, stop by the Learning Support Center in Mukilteo Hall, room 113, or call 425.640.1089.

Who teaches the WRITE 095/101 courses?

Faculty in the English (ENGL), Academic English (AENGL), and English Prep (ENGLP) departments staff the four sections of WRITE classes we host in the Learning Support Center every quarter.

Who can enroll in WRITE 095/101?

Any student who is registered for a writing-heavy course and feels they will need extra support for the entire quarter. Students enrolled in English Prep, Academic English, and English classes are especially good candidates for these courses.

What’s the difference between WRITE 095 and WRITE 101?

WRITE 95 is for students enrolled in a pre-college level, writing-heavy course, such as those in the English Prep and Academic English sequences, as well as English 99. WRITE 101 is for students taking writing intensive courses at the college level, like English 101 and 102, and others.

How many credits can students register for?

Only 1 or 2 credits. Technically these courses allow for variable credit registration up to 5 credits, but in reality, students should only be registered for 1 or 2 credits. Students earn credits by making a certain number of visits to work with their instructors each quarter. It’s not feasible to make enough visits to earn more than 2 credits in a quarter.

How do students earn their credits? What do students do when they come to the LSC?

The number of credits a student signs up for dictates how many visits a student should make each quarter. In order to earn 1 credit, they need to make 8-10 visits to the Center to work with their instructor. In order to earn 2 credits, they need to make 16-20 visits. A “visit” means sitting down to talk to their instructor about a writing assignment—whether that means talking through the requirements of an assignment, looking at a thesis, discussing organization, or getting some guidance on grammar.

Students should sign up for a WRITE time when they will be able to consistently come to the LSC (so a time when they don’t have other classes!), though they get to choose which days they come. When they make a visit, students should show up as early as possible in their designated time slot to ensure being seen that day, sign up under their instructor’s section of the WRITE board, and then wait to have a conference with their instructor!

When does the enrollment period for WRITE courses end?

These courses are open for continuous enrollment up until the seventh week of the quarter. After the third day of the quarter, all registrations must have instructor approval and be handled in-person at Lynnwood Hall. Students are able to add or drop the course in this way—or change their credit levels for the course—until the seventh week.