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Instructions for Submitting Video assignments


Find out more: how to submit video assignments in Panopto


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log on to campus network
  2. Log on on to Canvas
  3. Navigate to your class
  4. Click on assignments
  5. Navigate to the assignment for this video recording
  6. Click on Submit assignment in the right hand column on screen
  7. Select " Record/Upload Media"
  8. Select "Allow" in Adobe Flash Player Settings Dialog box
  9. Dismiss Logitech Web controller by clicking on X
  10. Click anywhere on screen to begin recording
  11. Click anywhere on screen to stop recording
    1. your recording will immediately begin playback for your review
    2. if you wish to record over, click on the red button, another dialog box will appear asking
    3. if you want to record without saving the previous recording, select either yes or no.
    4. No, will save your previous recording, yes will erase it, you will have the choice in a later dialog box as to which recording to submit for your assignment.
  12. When ready to submit enter a title for your assignment and click on save.
  13. The recording screen will disappear and Submit button will appear, click on submit.
  14. In the upper right side of the Canvas window, a Submission Confirmation box will appear with a link for submission details, you have now successfully completed your video assignment.
  15. Log off of Canvas
  16. Log off Campus network, but please leave the computer on

    If you are having trouble accessing the network or your Canvas account please ask for help from the START center or Lab Assistant on the third floor.

    If Canvas has an error message try re-booting the camera if that does not work or there is another Hardware issue please report that issue to the Library Reference Desk.

Please review this short video