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Here you can learn about some of our students.

Past Graduation Speakers

Yoko Nagano"I have experienced several schools in the U.S, so I can say that Edmonds College is the best school I have attended because of the great teachers, the great ESL program and the nice environment to study in."

Yoko Nagano (Japan)

Hello, everyone. I’m Yoko. I am so glad to be here today because finally we can graduate from the ESL program! Thank you, all of you, for coming to our graduation ceremony, and congratulations to us! Also, thank you, all my teachers, for giving me a chance to give a speech here. I don’t think I’m a good speaker even though I’ve given many presentations in this school. Last graduation ceremony, I was here as a level 4 student, and I listened to one of my friend’s speech here. At that time, I thought that I might give a speech the next quarter. Then, I’m here now. This is my pleasure.

I have studied at Edmonds College for just 2 quarters. It was very short time. Now I think I should have come to Edmonds College earlier. Actually, I had a hard time in my last school, but since I came to Edmonds College, my American life had changed for the better. First time I came here, I thought everyone in this school was so friendly, and I made a lot of friends here. The ESL teachers are also very friendly and kind. Some teachers gave us a lot of homework, but I even enjoyed doing my homework because all of the assignments my teachers gave me were helpful to me. Now I know most of the grammar, how to summarize articles, how to write essays and how to speak English correctly. I have experienced several schools in the U.S, so I can say that Edmonds College is the best school I have attended because of the great teachers, the great ESL program and the nice environment to study in.

Next quarter, most of my friends are going to college or to a high school program in this school. Unfortunately, I am going back to Japan in a few weeks, and I won’t come back here to study any more. I feel so sad that I have to leave Edmonds. I will miss everything in Edmonds, my friends, school, and my host family. I love Edmonds as my second home town. I’ll never forget the things I have learned and experienced here.

Finally, I want to say to the other students in ESL. I know all of you have goals here. Please never forget your goal while you are here. Keep studying hard. I believe that our efforts will never betray us. Please never forget that you came here to study English and to achieve your dreams. I hope all of you will succeed here. Good luck! Thank you.

"I have grown up from a boy who can’t speak English to a boy who is going to graduate from ESL program."

Allen Xiao Bin Zhang (China)

Hi ladies and gentlemen. My name is Allen. I am an ESL student from level 5. I am glad that I have an opportunity to talk about my experience in the ESL program. I have studied ESL program for three quarters. In these three quarters, I have lots of fun with all the ESL students and teachers. Today, I will graduate from ESL, and I am gong to study college program at Edmonds College.

Three quarters ago I was studying in my own country, and I was really bad at English. In my mind I thought I couldn’t even study my own language very well, so how could I study English well? In that time, I was lazy, and I didn’t want to spend time learning English. After that, my parents decided to let me study in American. At the time that I arrived in America, I thought that was awful because I could not speak English well and I was very shy. The only thing that I could repeat was “Hi, how are you? and “I am fine, and you?” That was the best sentence I was taught to speak with foreigner by my teacher. I was upset and disappointed in myself. Sometimes I could not totally understand what people were trying to tell me but they were very friendly and nice which make me relax. While I was studying English in these three quarters, my English was getting better and better. Every teacher was very patient. They were trying to teach as many things as they could even though we didn’t know too many English words. They also taught us how to study English quickly, and they would solve the problems for us. Because of this, I have grown up from a boy who can’t speak English to a boy who is going to graduate from ESL program.

Besides that, there are some suggestions that I want to give to the level one and level two students. First, don’t be shy to ask the teachers when you have problems. The teachers are willing to answer all the problems that you have. Try to open your mouth and talk to your classmates who are not from the same country with you. In addition, read some English article or magazine that you will be interest in; otherwise you can watch some English movies in your spare time. Once you are interest in it, you will be able to learn it fast. The important thing to learn English is your attitude. If you don’t plan your time to study and care about it, you will finally become a loser and no one can help you, but if you do, you will be successful.

At last, I really have a great time in the ESL program. I really want to thank all of my teachers one by one and tell them I really love them.

Ana Osorio

"Great Experiences at Edmonds College"

Ana Osorio

When I arrived in the USA, I lived in Florida because my sisters were living there. I enjoyed the weather, the city and my family, but learning English there was not a good idea because there were too many Spanish speakers and to practice the language was almost impossible. I had the opportunity to move to the Seattle area and some friends recommended that I study at Edmonds College. At that moment, I started a new adventure in my life. Not only was I studying English but also, I discovered important possibilities that College has for students.

I remember the first few days when I walked with a map in my hand looking for the buildings which names were so hard for me to learn. TUB, MLT, MUK. Oh my god ! too many acronyms in my head. However, I was amazed by all the new things. Students speaking in different languages, friendly teachers and interesting classes surrounded me. I had classmates from Africa and the Middle East. However, the majority of them were Asian and I thought, “Am I in the USA or Asia?” I was surprised to meet many people from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. I took advantage of the time to learn about their cultures and at the same time introduced my country too. My classmates have been so nice and friendly, and they are so intelligent. Besides learning English, students at Edmonds College have the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange, which is very enriching for our lives.

I discovered the variety of possibilities that Edmonds College offers students. International students can combine their studies with a job at the college. Two days a week, I work as Spanish tutor at the Learning Support Center and I help students who are learning Spanish. With this job, I have had the opportunity to share my culture and my language with others. In addition, I am working at the OIP Department as an International Marketing Assistant. This department was hiring for a Spanish speaker position. I applied and I was selected to work with them. It was a challenge for me. I had to learn many new things and develop new skills. I got a master degree on DHL shipping. At this moment, I am able to help new students. The teamwork at OIP is amazing. We work hard, but at the same time, we enjoy each other a lot. More than 12 languages are spoken at the office. It is a great service that Edmonds College offers to students from around the world!

Last quarter I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer, too. It was with a program called Partners in Service, which was part of the Speaking and Listening class. I worked as teacher’s assistant with little children at Head Start. It is a preschool program for families with low income. This experience was wonderful for me because I had studied Early Childhood Education in my country and I have spent part of my life working with children. In this volunteer job, I had the satisfaction to learn part of American education system and was able to share my knowledge with them. Last quarter was a little crazy for me, I had three jobs, I had to study and at the same time, I was planning my wedding. I was exhausted but I got a great satisfaction from all the good results. As you can see, Edmonds College has many options for student development and the possibilities are equal for all. At this College, the opportunities are there just next to you, but the most important thing is to find them and go for it.

Studying at Edmonds College has been one of the best experiences in my live. I have studied, taught, and made new friends. To my classmates I want to tell you that enjoyed your company a lot and I wish you the best success in College. I want to thank my husband Juan Carlos for his loving support. And finally, I want to thank all the teachers for their patience and for being kind and professional. Thank you Peter, Christine, Kelly, Janet, Cathy, Simone, Trish, Margaret and Barbara, because you have been an important part of this experience. I am completing this stage, with beautiful memories in my heart.

Tin Hon Ng

"I have really learned a lot."

Tin Hon Ng

Congratulations for those of you who are going to graduate from this program.

I still remember one thing that happened in the first few days when I came to America. I went to Walgreen’s with my friend. Jason. When I wanted to tell the cashier person that I wanted to pay for our stuff separately, I had no idea how to say it. What stupid thing I did was just like that “Me, he…..” And then the cashier person asked “Oh! You want to pay separately?” “Yeah! Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!” but actually, I didn’t know the word “separately” at that time. However, now, when I go to some places, such as supermarkets, restaurants and stores, I can ask them whatever I want because my English has improved a lot.

I have studied in ESL for 6 months. Actually, 6 months is not too long but during studying in ESL, I have really learned a lot from you guys, not only my teachers but also my classmates.

Our teachers must need to have good personality and experience, and they do. They are patient, they would like to listen to what you say, even how horrible your pronunciation is. They are clever, they can figure out what you are going to ask; even if you have just said half of your question. They are experienced, they know how to control the situation; even many curious, active, and talkative students are in their classes, so now please clap your hands to thank those gorgeous teachers.

In fact, those ESL credits don’t count into the college or university degree, so some students might think ESL is not useful and necessary, but they are probably wrong because they don’t know how important this program is. Because of the college preparation class, I can have opportunity to observe some college classes. I discovered one amazing thing is I felt I can understand those college classes more easily if I spend more time to study my English. As a result, my experience tells me that the more time you spend studying English in ESL, the more comfortable you will feel in your college or university life.

My teachers, my friends, OIP advisors, my parents and my host parents, thanks for those of you guys’ help. I really appreciated that.

Thanks for listening.

"Never say you can’t do it. Yes you can."

 Fatimah Alzainuldeen 

Fatimah Alzainuldeen

My name is Fatimah Alzainuldeen.

I came to Edmonds College from Saudi Arabia simply to learn English.

Not only I learned English, I also learned about American Culture.

I didn't really choose Edmonds College. My lovely husband chose it for me. He was a student here and recommended it to me. So, I came here. It turned out that my husband did me a great favor.

I began here in ESL Level 1! Everything was new for me, the language, the culture, studying with people from other countries, having male classmates.

I had several things going for me that helped me adjust.

My ESL teachers did much more than teach me English, they taught me how can I become independent, confident and being responsible for my own successes and failures. Since level 1, I've stayed in contact with some of them. They have become part of my family here in America.

Before, I said I can’t go the US, I can’t be far away from my family, I can’t speak or learn English, I can’t finish my education. Never say you can’t do it. Yes you can.

Here I’m in the US, talking to you in English, and I am going to transfer to the University next quarter.

There are so many chances opportunities to take advantage of and so much new information to gain, it would be a shame to limit yourself. These benefits may be available at other schools, and in other places, but there you might have to open the doors yourself. At Edmonds College I always found the doors already open. It is your choice to go through the doors or not.

Intensive ESL Students Perform at International Night

Several ESL students gave fantastic performances at the 30th Annual International Night .  It was a sold-out event. Congratulations!

Woong-Gi (Chris) Kim danced with the Hip Hop Club.

Woong-Gi (Chris) Kim danced with the Hip Hop Club.

Lin sang "Welcome to Beijing" with the Chinese Club.

Lin sang "Welcome to Beijing" with the Chinese Club.

Students from Minami-Kyushu perform a Japanese love song

Students from Minami-Kyushu performed a Japanese love song.

Students holding their country's flags

Many countries and cultures were represented in this fun event.

Students dancing

ISS ended the show with great energy

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