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Student Outcomes

Jessica wants to major in Political Science when she transfers but she is also deeply and passionately interested in Art and Music. So far she has taken courses in each area and become interested in the ways that Art and Music discusses political events and trends. In one of her Honors Seminars she had the opportunity to go see Fidelio by Beethoven at the Seattle Opera. Written in the early 1800’s, just after the American and French Revolutions, the opera is all about injustice, tyranny, and, most importantly, freedom.  This outing tied in well with her Political Theory class in which they were reading about the 19th Century concept of Freedom. By studying the opera she learned how composers talk about difficult subjects through music and how they apply philosophical ideas. Most importantly, she learned ways that she could study the relationships between more popular music as it comments on contemporary politics and used that in her own study of hop-hop and the status of urban-suburban youth.

Like Jessica, as an honors student at Edmonds College you will have the opportunity to work with a faculty person who will guide your exploration in ways that will encourage your own intellectual growth. Along the way you’ll begin to learn to work independently and as part of an academic community as you develop your ideas. Through the Honors Program you’ll have the opportunity to move your learning outside of the classroom .