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Honors Program

Philosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy In keeping with the Edmonds College mission, the Honors program increases academic opportunities for highly motivated, intellectually talented, and creative students who strive for additional academic challenge. All Edmonds College students may apply. Students admitted to the program are challenged to develop their potential by participating in Honors activities, developing mentoring relationships with dedicated faculty, and engaging in a community of motivated learners

Our Mission The Honors program strives to build on educational opportunity by:

  • Providing and supporting an enriching and stimulating academic environment
  • Creating and supporting a community of learners
  • Encouraging students to make the best use of campus opportunities for integrative, interdisciplinary, and experiential work
  • Stressing work in advanced critical thinking and analytic skills coupled with higher-level expression
  • Serving as a pathway from remedial and college-prep programs through the college’s degree and certificate programs, leading to four-year transfer universities and/or jobs